our Story

A brief history

Koffee Kween was established in the spring of 2019 as an inviting to -go coffee bar tucked inside Parkdale's Northern Contemporary Gallery.

The mission: offer lip-smackingly delicious beverages in an artistic setting while being conscious of minimizing the café industry’s environmental impact.

Our beans, from Ruffino Espresso, are roasted Italian-style using highly sensitive process controllers to ensure that no excess energy is wasted. Our biodegradable cups, made of craft paper and stamped with the Koffee Kween seal of approval, are a clear-cut improvement on the level of waste amounted from the standard to-go cup.

When 2020 hit, Koffee Kween, the gallery, and 30 artists were evicted from our 1605 Queen St West address. With barely a week’s notice, we were faced with the task of coming up with a Plan B. As time passed (ever so slowly), we connected with another group of artists who’d found themselves in an all too familiar position. Together, we found a new home to share and grow our businesses. Koffee Kween now resides at 1652 Queen St West. We’re grateful to be able to stay in Parkdale and continue to serve the community we love.

Since re-opening on October 30th, 2020 , we've been welcomed back into the Parkdale community with open arms. We look forward to continuing to serve up smiles with every cup of coffee. Come by for a laugh and taste the experience of being Kween for a day!

Koffee Kween Toronto: Parkdale's Best Coffee Tea- espresso bar
KOFFEE KWEEN 1652 Queen Street West

Where we are today

Koffee Kween Toronto: Parkdale's Best Coffee Tea - donations
Proud to have collected over 600 menstrual products for Twelve donations
Koffee Kween Toronto: Parkdale's Best Coffee Tea- parkdale foodbank
We have a drop off bin for Parkdale community foodbank please , help our neighbors and donate what you can !